LGBTQ Encounters– Being More Queer-Inclusive

Diversity Competence Day- 11th October 2018
Workshop: LGBTQ Encounters – Being More Queer-Inclusive

LGBTQ Encounters– Being More Queer-Inclusive

Diversity workshop eventbilder.

In this workshop you’ll get an introduction to LGBTQ vocabulary, how to use a more queer-inclusive language and insight into everyday struggles that come with living outside the norms for gender and sexuality. The Focus will be on the practical encounters that can happen when the queer aspect gets introduced to an interaction and how to handle it respectfully.

The Intercultural Lab is open to anyone interested in Intercultural Communication. Every time we discover a new theme. Together we will explore cultural differences, similarities and how to build relationships. We create a workshop space together and actively explore exercises and models.
You get to practice communication in a setting where mistakes are harmless. Getting useful skills that make it easier to avoid cultural clashes when they occur in real life.

Workshop Leader
Henrik Bergius (they/them)
Intern at InterAct specializing in Queer-issues. The internship is done as a part of the Liberal arts program at the University of Gothenburg, a bachelors program focusing on interactions between disciplines in humanities and sciences.

Kajsa Svensson (she/her)
Kajsa is an experienced, truly engaging trainer of Intercultural Competence and Conflict management. She shares her knowledge and experience of living abroad and working in multicultural teams through her unique interactive training methods which build skills useful in reality.

Date and Time: November 22, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Price: 50 SEK (students and unemployed 25 SEK)

To enroll: Send an e-mail to:
(The spaces for the workshop are limited.)

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