Conflict Management

Get Ready to Handle Disagreements Constructively

Conflicts are a natural part of work-life and to handle them well is an essential life-skill. Often conflicts feel bad, but with our experience and expertise in conflict management we can help you turn it into a possibility, for individuals and the organization, to develop. We deliver preventive training programs for teams and organizations where we practice the art of expressing your own needs and opinions clearly while at the same time showing empathy and respect to each other. In a practical way, we teach co-workers how to stop escalation, see beyond right and wrong, and communicate for cooperation. When difficulties arise with cooperation or a co-worker conflict has already started, it is often better to bring in help from outside. We guide you through a conflict consultation process and listen to involved parties to help find a new solution or a constructive ending. The potential in conflicts is increased self-awareness as well as new creative solutions.


Relevant Training Programs

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