Training for Trainers

Training for Trainers

For you who want to own the process of retaining and developing knowledge and skills within your organization. We train the key people such as HR-personnel or managers. Transferring the skills of how to facilitate and engage participants in a co-creative and interactive process. In this way, we enable you to train the whole organization and lead exercises for the teams or other co-workers without being dependent on external consultants.

Customized Competence Development

Here you can read more on how this service can be delivered in different designs:

How to lead an exercise - Workshop

Half a day for 6-22 participants

In this workshop you get a short lecture on a chosen topic and then get to experience interactive exercises connected to the lecture. After this experience, we teach how to lead one exercise and how to create enthusiasm and involve the participants yourself. With this, you will be ready to talk about the topic and use the exercise in your workplace.

How to lead a training program - Workshop

1-4 full days for 6-16 participants

In this workshop we focus on how to set up and lead a whole training program tailored to your workplace. We share knowledge behind how to lift your participants’ skills and enhance their learning. You get practice in leading and instructing interactive exercises and give short presentations. We prepare you for challenging situations and how to build an inclusive training experience for all participants.

Combined Package

Training for trainers is often part of a Combined Package. The package combines workshops, training material and strategic consultations to target the specific challenges at different levels of the organization. In this package, we apply the wholeness approach to change and organization development. Through this, we make sure that everyone within your organization shares the same understanding of the working culture you desire and have the necessary tools to live every day.

We Value Your Needs

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all. Since every human, organization and culture is unique, we provide each of our customers with a unique service. We map your needs and challenges, build scenarios, exercises and choose models that perfectly address the challenges of each specific workplace situation.

When we customize the services we consider:

  • Organizational challenges
  • Workplace relations and group development
  • Organizational culture and values
  • The amount of time that can be invested
  • Company size and the number of participants


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