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We Are InterAct

InterAct work to make differences strengthen companies and organization instead of leading to misunderstanding and conflict. We use tailored training design and interactive methods to make a difference. Working with InterAct are experienced trainers and researchers in communication, intercultural competence, diversity and conflict management. We have a long experience of designing competence development for companies and the public sector. As social entrepreneurs, we are also dedicated in heart, mind and action to make our knowledge accessible and contribute to inclusion and social sustainability for everyone. Our Vision…

Kajsa Svensson

Founder and CEO
Trainer in Intercultural Competence and Conflict Resolution

+(46) (0)761-067 728

I am a truly engaging trainer and lecturer that with warmth and curiosity is sharing my knowledge and experience of living abroad and working in multicultural teams. Being a Swede, my specialty is creating understanding for Swedish culture and Swedish management. I also have in-depth knowledge about China and bridging communication between east and west. As a trainer, my strength is to create interactive training based on the questions formulated by my participants. This training method builds skills useful in reality. International master studies of Intercultural communication as well as a broad background in organizational- and social psychology and conflict management.
Conflict Resolution Trainer that worked with reconciliation in Former Yugoslavia. Now working with the focus on preventive training and collaborative communication for workplaces.
Lectures and lead workshops about Conflict Management, Interculturality, Social Relations, Norm Critique, and Equal Treatment at the Faculty of Pedagogics at Gothenburg University.
Theatre Pedagogue working with interactive educational methods for 15 years to empower individuals and groups.

  • Behavioral Scientist with International master studies of Intercultural communication.
  • Conflict Resolution Trainer that worked with reconciliation in Former Yugoslavia. Now working with focus on preventive training and collaborative communication for work teams and companies.
  • Theatre Pedagogue working with interactive educational methods since 15 years to empower individuals and groups.
  • Lived in China with my family for several years.

Hanieh Vahabi

Trainer in Organizational Diversity Management and Business Developer

I am an innovative trainer and entrepreneur with an interdisciplinary background in humanities, social and cultural sciences as well as in IT, project management, and business development.
Growing up in Iran, living in Sweden since 2008 and studying and working in multicultural environments, has provided me deep knowledge and critical perspective of how issues of equality, gender, power relations, social and cultural norms work in daily practices. Being involved in tech companies at managerial level makes me inspired to work with organizational diversity management.

  • M.A. in Gendering Practices, MSc. in Computational Linguistics, BSc. in Software Engineering and Management, M.A. English Language and Literature.
  • Project manager at Winnet Västra Götaland: Design and managing a project in the light of visibility of women entrepreneurs with non-Swedish background (non-EU mainly) in Gothenburg municipality.
  • English Teacher and Educational Manager at Farzanegan Cooperative Company, Tehran-Iran.
  • Organizer a of seminars on Gender equality at work, as a step to link Academia with Industry.

Alena Ipanova

Coach in Personal and Organizational Development

With my in background and practical experience in psychology and intercultural communication I contribute with a creative approach and innovative ideas to the development and growth of individuals and organizations. I have 10 years’ experience in international coaching, project development and implementation in non-profit and business sectors in Russia, Europe and Asia.

Using interactive, non-formal methods and techniques I’m happy to inspire and motivate! I strongly believe in the inner potential of each person and with each training and project I help to bring it from inside out.

  • M.Sc. in Communication, M.Sc. in Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy, M.Sc. in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Methodology.
  • Working with communication consultancy, project management, personal development and cross sectoral international collaboration in Europe and Asia.
  • Experienced in mentorship building and career coaching linking academia and industry.
  • Developing and delivering intercultural communication trainings funded by EC. Have been working in expert committees of the European Youth Forum.

Katarina Svahn

Events Project Manager

I have had the pleasure of exploring different cultures during my entire working life, both within tourism and trade and industry development. I bridge cultural gaps by arranging meetings and activities – anything from a home-cooked dinner with a Swedish family to a traditional Midsummer celebration or a walk in the forest. Most of the time, the activities are located in the countryside of Alingsås in the Gothenburg region, or on the beautiful west coast.
By encouraging people of different nationalities to meet and to interact in a relaxed way, we can avoid misunderstandings. My mission is to create opportunities for people of all nationalities to meet Swedes and Swedish families to get a deeper understanding of our culture – and to make new acquaintances.

  • More than 15 years’ experience of international event management, both in Sweden and abroad.
  • I host tailor-made activities for multicultural workgroups, international delegations, expat families and tourists.
  • Several years’ experience of the Chinese market and the sister-city relation between Gothenburg and Shanghai.
  • An enthusiastic storyteller who deepens the understanding of Swedish history and culture.

Pavel Rodin

Trainer in Business- and Intercultural Communications

Communications and PR is the air I breathe and I am a strong supporter of collaborative learning. In my trainings knowledge and facilitation will come from me so that you can contribute with your active participation and desire to deepen understanding, and acquire new skills. I invite you to see the world differently.
I am Russian, and living in Sweden since 2011. In Sweden I have enjoyed teaching various courses on master level in business and marketing communications, general and cross-cultural rhetoric and my favorit – Intercultural communications.

  • M.Sc. in Public Relations in Economics (cum laude), M.Sc. in Communication.
  • Have worked in the field of financial PR in several top-50 largest Russian banks for more than five years. As well as have practical experience in the fields of political communications and journalism.
  • Holding research on issues of intercultural communications in social media, crisis PR, health communications and social mythology.
  • Member of Nordic intercultural communication association and Russian communication association.