Training Materials

Training Materials

We produce training materials within our expert areas. Based on up to date theories the material is informative, usable and straightforward to be used for individuals or groups within your organization. All materials are customized based on your needs and developmental processes. Having your own material enable a natural connection to organizational values and existing level of knowledge. We add practical exercises to create aha-moments, new skills, self-awareness and initiate conversations between co-workers. A material can vary in content and length and be produced in different formats such as e-learning or PDF.

We Value Your Needs

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all. Since every human, organization and culture is unique, we provide each of our customers with a unique service. We map your needs and challenges, build scenarios, exercises and choose models that perfectly address the challenges of each specific workplace situation.

When we customize the services we consider:

  • Organizational challenges
  • Workplace relations and group development
  • Organizational culture and values
  • The amount of time that can be invested
  • Company size and the number of participants


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