Intercultural Service

Know your customer or patient and perform excellent service

Handle clients and build business relations!

This training program is for you who work with clients on a global market or with customers or patients in Sweden and want to improve customer relations. Truly good service is based on understanding our customer. So, how to perform excellent service when we don’t understand or know the expectations of people? Or how to give excellent service to people with demands and values different from our organization values?


  • Create common knowledge and understanding of intercultural competence to improve customer relations and service.
  • Increase self-awareness and develop communicative skills helping effective and respectful communication.


A full day for 6-16 participants

Experience a workshop combining lectures and interactive exercises in a fun and interesting way.

  Customized Design

We can customize this training program to meet your organization’s specific needs by adapting both the design and content. Below are examples of different training designs:

Basic-knowledge Workshop

Half a day for 6-22 participants

These fun workshops are a combination of lectures and interactive exercises which introduce you to the chosen topic and provide enough knowledge for a basic understanding of it. We create engagement that enables you to identify areas for improvement.

In-practice Workshop

1-4 days for 6-16 participants

In addition to providing basic information and simple understanding of the topic, this workshop provides practical skills. Lectures are varied with interactive exercises. The focus is on practicing communication and interaction skills that can be then used in practice in everyday work.


45-90 min in 1-2 days for 1-3 participants

Our consultations include personal and small group coaching, guidance, education and training. During our consultation time, we develop individual skills, strategies and give specific advice based on the clients’ own questions.

Online Consultation

 45-90 min per session for 1-3 participants

Our consultations include individual and small group coaching, guidance, education and training. During our consultation time, we develop individual skills, strategies and give specific advice based on the clients’ own questions.

Inspirational Lectures

20 min-2 hours for 10 to 300 participants

All our lectures are inspirational lectures that create enthusiasm for a new subject and the discovery of a new area of knowledge. We help you to see greater and better possibilities and motivate you to willingly make the needed changes needed.

Combined Package

We combine workshops, training material and strategic consultations to target the specific challenges of your organization at different levels of department, board or the whole organization. In this package, we apply the wholeness approach to change and organizational development. Through this, we make sure that everyone within your organization shares the same understanding of the working culture you desire and have the necessary tools to live it every day.


Introduction to Intercultural Competence and Service.

  • Introduction to what intercultural competence is.
  • Practical advice about how one should give excellent service across cultures.
  • The challenge of perceptions and stereotyping.

Understand and Compare Cultures

  • Through research about cultural value dimensions we compare different countries.
  • How is our own culture perceived by others and how that effect our way of giving service.

Specific Cultural Traits

  • About a specific country or area such as China or Asia.
  • How identity, values, history and society effect customer relations.

Adapted Communication is Efficient Communication

  • Communicative tips and tricks to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Strategies to bridge the difference between different communication styles.

Difficult Situations

  • Participants identify difficult situations from daily work.
  • Practical exercises for communication to practice how to act in such situations.

Strategy – Personal Action Plan

  • What can I do myself to act with more intercultural competence?
  • How can we as an organization become more intercultural competent?

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