Christmas Event for Global Talent

Intercultural Competence for the Recruitment Process in Sweden
Insensible Discrimination: discriminating without thinking about it

Christmas Event for Global Talent

Nearly 200 foreign professionals and their families took part in the 18th annual Expat Christmas Event. The event is arranged by Business Region Göteborg in collaboration with Move to Gothenburg and the City of Gothenburg. The aim of the event is to welcome newly arrived international professionals and their families to Gothenburg and provide them with an opportunity to connect with compatriots and other international workers based in the region.

In total, 43 countries and 44 different companies were represented. Kajsa Svensson was one of the speakers to give a short and inspiring lecture on the topic Tips for Intercultural Competence. Kajsa Svensson shared her experiences and offered few pieces of advice. Her take-home message was:

“Adapt without losing yourself.”

– “I sat like glue listening to the talk. I can really relate to that I need to adapt but also need to take care to continue to be myself even if I moved to Sweden”  one of the guests said after the talk.

More on the event:

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