Typically Swedish: What is That?

Hi 2019!
Intercultural Competence for the Recruitment Process in Sweden

The need to introduce Swedish values and culture for integration and inclusion into the Swedish society has gained more importance, and the role of experts who can interpret Swedish culture and Swedish values to foreigners in Sweden has gained significance.

gothenburg-400 has an interview with Kajsa Svensson in this regard:

Kajsa Svensson is an expert on intercultural competence, diversity, conflict management, team development, integration and in defining ‘typically Swedish’. She leads a company called InterAct. According to her, typically Swedish means – individualism, building consensus and cooperation through meetings and fika at the workplace, and answering questions someone if only someone asks, apart from respect for others and punctuality.

Read the full interview here: http://gothenburg-400.com/typically-swedish-what-is-that/

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