Sweden and Swedish Culture

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Constructive Co-working Day- 28th March 2018

Sweden and Swedish Culture

Kajsa Svensson from InterAct holds a lecture at West Sweden Chamber Of Commerce in Gothenburg Sweden (Västsvenska Handelskammaren i Göteborg) for the people interested in learning common Swedish values and social norms. When new to a country it takes lots of energy to understand the people and the social setting. With our deep knowledge of Swedish history and society, we guide and inspire you to get a better understanding of Sweden and help facilitate your entry into Swedish society and the Swedish job market. Of course, not all Swedes are the same but explaining common Swedish cultural traits and the Swedish mentality is our delight.

In this event, Kajsa will introduce interesting and helpful information about Sweden and Swedes, we will provide fika and Kajsa will provide an introduction to Sweden and how Swedes see themselves. Kajsa provides useful answers for the following questions:

  • What is intercultural competence?
  • Is there anything “typically Swedish”?
  • How can you be more effective and successful by being prepared and having a better understanding of Swedish Society?
  • What are Swedish work and business culture?

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