Commitment for Social Sustainability

We are aware that understanding and adapting to a new culture without losing yourself is a challenge. We are dedicated in heart, mind and action to spreading competence for integration outside of closed meeting rooms and educational settings.
As well as working on assignments within corporations and the public sector, we work pro-bono. Our pro-bono includes creating meeting-places and giving training programs to people who volunteer to support the processes of integration. Also, by bringing people with diverse backgrounds together in our open workshops we create a real meeting-place between people from all around the globe. During these meetings, skills are gained through simple interactive exercises. Our workshop atmosphere is a combination of both laughter and serious contemplation.


Relevant Training Programs

Cultural meetings

A workshop for integration, new connections and broader understanding (Read more)

New in Sweden

Understanding and communication skills for workplace culture and daily life (Read more)

Intercultural Competence for Swedes

Build relations and understand how you can be perceived by others (Read more)