Managing Conflict

Managing Conflict

We guide you in how to handle conflicts constructively in the workplace. We empower co-workers with communicative skills to turn disagreements into learning opportunities and develop the organization. When conflicts become destructive it is often better to use an independent consultant to help the process. We help you to help yourself through Conflict Coaching or come in to facilitate a mediation process helping you to stop escalations and finding new solutions.
Of course, it is best when we prevent destructive management of conflict before escalation. In our preventive workshops, we train communicative skills making co-workers readier to handle disagreement and conflict constructively.

Read more about our preventive training programs within Conflict Management.

Customized Competence Development

Here you can read more on how this service can be delivered in different designs:

Conflict Coaching – Consultation

45-90 min per session for 1 participant

Conflict Coaching is for you who have ended up in a destructive conflict or need to help other co-workers involved in a conflict. We meet to listen to you and map the conflict to see the different needs and wishes and to create an understanding of how the conflict started. We help you with self-reflection and to see the different perspectives involved. The coaching will strengthen you and clarify your different options to handle and process your conflict in a constructive way. We meet for one or several occasions.

Conflict Mediation Process - Consultation

45-90 min per session for individuals or smaller groups

When you or someone in your organization have ended up with cooperation difficulties or conflicts it is important to stop escalation. We will help mediate as a third party through conversation with involved parties. We start with mapping the situation to see what options we have for processing, finding a solution or a constructive ending. We also help you to turn the conflict into an opportunity for learning and building strategies to prevent similar situations. The process consist of several session with involved parties both individually and in smaller groups.

We Value Your Needs

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all. Since every human, organization and culture is unique, we provide each of our customers with a unique service. We map your needs and challenges, build scenarios, exercises and choose models that perfectly address the challenges of each specific workplace situation.

When we customize the services we consider:

  • Organizational challenges
  • Workplace relations and group development
  • Organizational culture and values
  • The amount of time that can be invested
  • Company size and the number of participants


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