Internship Opportunity

Insensible Discrimination: discriminating without thinking about it
We are looking for some volunteers to participate in a short marketing video

Internship Opportunity

Do you believe in diversity and would like to contribute to social sustainability?

We are launching a social media project and we are looking for passionate interns to join us.

Interns will work as volunteers in order to help develop relevant contents for InterAct.

As part of your internship, you will work with and get guidance from professionals in communication and film production, diversity management and intercultural competence.

Internship application is also open for people who are new to Sweden. All you need to have is passion and skills in storytelling and a desire to write or produce visuals and film.

Send your interests through email and we will send you more details about the project and how to apply.


Internship period: March-December 2019

Last day of application: 24th February 2019


  1. Pallavi Sindhu says:

    My name is Pallavi Sindhu.And I am very much intrested in the intership programme.Currently I am studying swedish at folkuniversity,Gothenberg but will soon be finishing the course in another 1-2 months.As I am a creative,fun loving person who has a habit of writing a diary since my chilhood so i was searching for some part-time intership programmes where i could chase & develope my passion further.And this just sounds great to start with. Back in India I worked as a Cosmetologist. I have been staying in various parts of Sweden since last 5 years ,making new friends,exploring new places all around the world.Currently I am staying in gothenberg with my family & i am really in love with this place. This opportunity sounds perfect to me.
    Please do let me know more about the programme.

    Pallavi Sindhu

  2. Kajsa Svensson says:

    Thank you for your interest in the internship!
    You have now gotten an e-mail with more info and we look forward to your application.

    Have a beautiful day!

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