We are looking for some volunteers to participate in a short marketing video

Internship Opportunity
Sustainability = Inclusion

We are looking for some volunteers to participate in a short marketing video

Would you like to help us create inclusion in the workplace?
InterAct is trying to help intercultural teams and newcomers to understand the intricacies of the Swedish fika at the workplace, and general confusion around cultural diversity in the workplace.
We are launching this perspective of our mission through a short marketing video, and we need some diverse volunteers to participate in the filming in Gothenburg!  If you’re interested in free fika and topic discussion, and a free lunch included, and you’re available all day (10:00-16:00) on Sunday, May 5th in Gothenburg.

Who we are looking for

We are searching for approximately 10 diverse participants in Gothenburg, age 25-55,  few Swedish, and the others of non-Swedish origin (a mixture of any race, gender, nationality, native language, etc.).
Swedish language skills are not a requirement from the non-Swedish participants, as the non-Swedish participants will be speaking English with your diverse accent.  We love diversity, and that includes diverse accents!
We request participants to dress in business casual attire for this filming.
This is an unpaid opportunity, but with free fika, free lunch, and topic discussion to learn a little more about how you can work better in an intercultural team in Sweden. You will also be given the opportunity to visit a future workshop for free!

How to apply

To become a part of helping us to create inclusion in the workplace, please send a video of yourself (or photo + voice sample), answering the question: “What are your thoughts about Swedish fika?”  to Jonas at 0702-604210.  If you are of Swedish origin, please do it in Swedish.  If you are not of Swedish origin, please do it in English.
Deadline for application:  April 22nd
We look forward to an inspiring and creative day with you!
Any questions? please contact us: info@interactcompetence.com

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