Workshop: Intercultural Competence for the Recruitment Process in Sweden

Lecture and Workshop for Närhälsan
Diversity Competence Day- 11th October 2018

Workshop: Intercultural Competence for the Recruitment Process in Sweden

If you search for a job, already have one or work with recruitment and global mobility this is the workshop for you!

  • What is similar and different within the recruitment process in Sweden compared to other countries?
  • Which are aspects important for recruiters and applicants to consider understanding each other?

We explain and explore together.
You get to practice communication in a setting where mistakes are harmless. And you will get useful skills that make it easier to avoid cultural clashes when they occur in real life.

Date: September 26th at 18:30-21:00
Place: Södra Allégatan 13, Göteborg

Price including fika: 100 SEK (students 50 SEK) Pay by the door. Swish or cash

Language of instruction: English

To enroll send an e-mail:

Great opportunity to network and ‘fika’ for everyone.

Kajsa Svensson works with competence development in intercultural communication and conflict management. Being a Swede, my specialty is creating understanding for Swedish culture and Swedish management. After living in China she also has in-depth knowledge about bridging communication between east and west.

Shalini Singh is an HR- professional from India. In Sweden, she works as a consultant within Human Resources, Intercultural Training and recruitment support helping Swedish companies. Shalini focuses on undiscovered human aspects during the selection process and how to support the whole family transiting into Swedish society.

The Intercultural Lab is open to anyone interested in Intercultural Communication. Together we will explore cultural differences, similarities and how to build relationships. We create a workshop space together and actively explore exercises and models.
Come, learn and share your experiences of cultural interaction. Bring your friends from around the world!

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