Lecture and Workshop for Närhälsan

Do you enjoy working in a team?
Workshop: Intercultural Competence for the Recruitment Process in Sweden

Lecture and Workshop for Närhälsan

InterAct was invited to a conference about service and reception in healthcare arranged by Närhälsan VGR (Västra Götalandsregionen). In this conference, Kajsa Svensson from InterAct held a lecture about how cultural differences can affect the expectations of healthcare. The air was filled with questions regarding how should a caregiver act in meetings between different cultures such as:

  • How should one act when a female patient’s husband is talking over her?
  • How one can approach when the entire patient’s family comes into the room?
  • How should one react when patients don’t understand the system for booking an appointment?

All questions and discussions took place in a friendly format where the participants were moving around the open floor in a patient-receptionist roleplay.

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