Sustainability-Inclusion Workshop in GBGTechWeek

Sustainability = Inclusion

Sustainability-Inclusion Workshop in GBGTechWeek

Diversity workshop eventbilder.

Gbgtechweek strives to make Gothenburg one of the best tech communities in the world! Each year during one week, several diverse and inspiring events are going on that cover the full range from tech to business. We are excited to be part of these events this year!

Women in Tech Gothenburg and Dome of Visions invited us to hold a workshop at their place at Lindholmsplatsen, Göteborg. We shared our perspective on sustainability and inclusion at Swedish workplace.

We talked about

  • What inclusion is and why we exclude others.
  • What “othering” is and how we can stop it.
  • What inclusive language is and how to communicate to empower yourself and others.

The participants were very engaging and they shared interesting ideas about how to create more inclusion at the workplace.

Here you can see some of participants’ ideas and more pictures of the event.

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