Sustainability = Inclusion

We are looking for some volunteers to participate in a short marketing video
Sustainability-Inclusion Workshop in GBGTechWeek

Sustainability = Inclusion

Women in Tech Gothenburg and Dome of Visions invite the hardest working local organizations in the field of equality to share their perspective on sustainability during GbgTechWeek.


Learn how to communicate to empower yourself and others. Join to find out how inclusion works and how you can become an agent for inclusion by using inclusive language. Be ready to challenge your stereotypes and try inclusive language.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • What inclusion is and why we exclude others.
  • What “othering” is and how can we stop it.
  • What Inclusive language is and how to communicate to empower yourself and others.


Kajsa Svensson

Diversity Competence Developer at InterAct


Find out more about the event and see the whole program:




Photo: AnnaCarin Isaksson

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